GlacialStars launches IceHut 5059 CPU Coolers for Intel processor
December 17 , 2009, Taipei, Taiwan - GlacialTech Inc, a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications, and a world-class provider of cost effective cooling components and chassis, today, announces the launch of GlacialStars IceHut 5059 CPU cooler for Intel processor. Targeted at performance desktops, that supports Intel 775 socket, GlacialStars IceHut 5059 is very cost-effective and reliable which user who can trust on.
Launched on the philosophy of the parent brand, GlacialStars offers quality and affordability.

Price performance, noise performance and weight performance are GlacialTech's three principle design philosophies. Having acquired ISO 9001 and 14001, GlacialStars commits Nano Scale Macromolecule and Super Metal Oxide Compound on it to keep the processor cool.
This combination promotes high thermal conductivity, low bleed characteristics and high temperature stability of the GlacialStars IceHut 5059 CPU cooler.

About GlacialTech Inc.

GlacialTech Inc. is a diversified provider of cooling, power supply, and PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications. Having established the strong relationships with thermal, SMPS and mechanism technology leaders worldwide, GlacialTech leverages world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials to provide its products with an optimal balance of performance and value. For more information about GlacialTech thermal technology, please visit the company homepage at
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